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Pembiakan Spesimen Urin

Penggunaan "MicurR-BT" sebagai Uji Awal Sebelum Pembiakan Spesimen Urin untuk Isolasi Etiologi Infeksi Saluran Kemih

(MicurR-BT As an Indicator of Antibiotic in the Urine Before Bacterial Isolation in Urinary Tract Infection)


Bagian Mikrobiologi FK UI, Jln. Pegangsaan Timur No. 16, Jakarta 10320, Tel. 062-021-310086, Faks. 062-021-3100810

Urinary tract infection is very common and has a very high indence rate in Indonesia. Usually it cause by bacterial infection, so the diagnostic microbialogy play a very important role in the management of antibiotic therapy. Unfortunately, the patients usually has taken antibiotic before examination. MicurR-BT is a dipstick test to detect the existence of antibiotic in urine. It contains Bacillus subtilis and triphenyl tetra zolium chlorade as color detector. Ninety six urine specimen has been tested before bacterial culture. Fifty four specimen (56%) contain antibiotic in the urine before culture.

Key word: urinary tract infection

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