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Teknologi Pupuk Mikrob

Teknologi Pupuk Mikrob Multiguna Menunjang Keberlanjutan Sistem Produksi Kedelai

(Technology of Multipurpose Microbial Fertilizer Supporting Sustainable System of Soybean Production)


Balai Penelitian Bioteknologi Tanaman Pangan, Jln. Tentara Pelajar 3A, Bogor 16111; Tel. 062-251-337975 pes. 224; Faks. 062-251-338820

Multipurpose microbial fertilizer (MPMF) has been developed to increase fertilization efficiency to support sustainable soybean production system. Multipurpose microbial fertilizer can supply a substantial portion of nitrogen and phosphorous which is required by soybean through their symbiotic relationship rhizobia and phosphate dissolving capability, and thus save the us of anorganic fertilizer. Result of the demonstration plot using MPMF in farmer fields showed accordingly that phosphate fertilizer up to 50% from the recommendation dosage.

Key word: microbial fertilizer, inoculant, soybean

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